road worlds

We are planning the Worlds for Monday Sept 01. The plan is to run it in the Thursday format. 10 am start – four laps for A and three laps for B – regular Cottesloe curcuit (meet at the Douro Arena).

We will have three groups at this Worlds. We will add a C group which will do three laps. I hope this will give more riders the opportunity to participate.

Wondering which group? Well, if on Thursday nights you’re cruising in the B group, go to A; if you’re struggling in the B group, ride C. If you don’t ride Thursdays because it’s too fast, but you can easily handle, for example, the Wed fast tempo group, come and give C a try.

There will be a BBQ for all afterwards at Craig’s place at 1848 Division Rd – families welcome.

Chloe Black has kindly consented to join the Monday Rec Ride Group on Mon July 14 and Mon July 21 to give a skills clinic on avoidance skills for both road hazards and other cyclists and offer insight into group riding skills. This is a great opportunity to learn some basic skills to feel more comfortable cycling on your own or in a group setting! Don’t miss out on a great clinic with Chloe! Meet at the Silver Bean (located at the end of King Street, right beside the Otonabee River) on Monday evening at 6 pm