Looking for a unique cycling experience? Consider being a captain with TandemEyes.

Would you be willing to give back a few hours per week to the sport that you love so much? If so, TandemEyes needs you.

Operating under PCC for the past five years, TandemEyes is a riding group for the visually impaired. Our stokers (the individuals with limited sight) love the experience and the freedom of being on a bike and this experience brings much joy to their lives. It has also enriched the lives of the captains who pilot the tandem bike.

This year, the continued growth of stokers has increased our demand for captains ever higher.  At the present time, we are not able to give each stoker a ride twice per week (that’s a total of four hours), simply due to a lack of captains.

If you are interested in a unique and meaningful cycling experience, consider going us as a captain. We ride Monday and Wednesday at 6pm from the Silver Bean, with each ride being 2 hours long. If you are able to spare a few hours in any given week, please contact Anne Wood for additional information at 705 741 3406 or tandemeyes@gmail.com.

For further information, visit our website at www.tandemeyes.com and we look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with new captains.

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