Common questions from PCC members about racing at Nationals.

Are you a PCC member wondering how you can compete at the 2018 Shimano Canadian Cyclocross Championships presented by Trek / Wild Rock?

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Published Oct 30, 2018

The Canadian Cyclocross Championships will feature races for all ages and skill levels. There are also lots of volunteer opportunities. You may be asking yourself, “How can I take full advantage of this event – be it racing, volunteering or both?” Well this is the guide for you!

When and where?

The event is November 9th, 10th and 11th at Nicholls Oval Park.

Can I race?

There are races all 3 days and any PCC member can participate in any race or combination of multiple races over the 3 days.  However, some races require certain race licenses that can be bought by any member.

This is the National Championships, am I good enough to be in this race? Sounds like it’s over my head!

Your ability is irrelevant. What matters is how much fun you can handle! This is an inclusive event and you are able to race in any of the races. If you are a Canadian citizen and have access to a cyclocross bike, you can race. Don’t let the speed of the racers or the title of the event scare you off. If you are looking for a more casual race pace then the Friday events are a good fit. They are designed just for fun and no titles will be given. You can also participate in one of the “Challenge” races on Saturday. These are non-Championship races and allow you to race in a category that isn’t in the running for a championship title.

What licenses or membership do I need?

Please see the chart at the bottom of this FAQ for details pertaining to specific races.

PCC Membership – You can race the Friday evening race with just your PCC membership. In fact, you MUST have a PCC membership to participate in this race. This is the only race you can enter with just a PCC membership.

OCA Citizens license – $16 if you have a PCC membership already – With this you can race both Friday events, as well as the Saturday “Challenge” categories.

UCI cyclocross race license – $40 if you have a PCC membership already – With this you can race every event of the weekend (provided that you have a PCC membership for the Friday night race).

Note: You will need to buy the Citizens or UCI license upgrade online on CCN before the event.

What category do I belong in?

Race categories are based on age and are not ability/skill based. Ages are listed in each category’s description.

How can I help make the event even better?

There is lots of fun to be had on your bike and spectating during this weekend event.  However, we also need your help to pull the event off. Please sign up for a volunteer spot that works with your race schedule using the link above. Most volunteer jobs will allow you to watch the race and be part of the fun!

Photo: Jeff Faulds

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