Introducing the PCC 2017 Kit Collection

The Peterborough Cycling Club is excited to introduce our new visual identity for the period of 2017-2019.

Our cycling clothing has always been our linked to our identity as a cycling club, whether that be in town, or racing across the province. The introduction of our 2017-2019 cycling kit reflects three areas of focus for our club. Safety, Awareness, and Impact.


High visibility colours introduced to increase on-road visibility and promote safety.


Promoting the concept of wearing kit on club rides to increase public awareness of PCC.


The new design will create a visual impact within the cycling and racing communities.

The Collection…

The 2017-2019 cycling collection will consist of the following items.

Men’s and women’s jerseys will be produced offing a wide range of sizes to accommodate a variety of club members. Club members will be pleased with the fit and fabric.

Available as a pre-order only item.
A pre-order only option of a higher end jersey from the Pearl Izumi PRO line. Will only be produced if minimums are met.

Men’s bib shorts, and women’s non-bib shorts will be produced to compliment the jersey design. Club members will be pleased with the fit and comfort.

A stylish wind vest that introduces elements of the new look, while remaining neutral enough to pair with past PCC gear and other kit in your closet.

Available as a pre-order only item.
The skinsuit will suit the cyclocross, time trial, and race crowd with its one-piece design. Will only be produced if minimums are met.

Stylish, PCC ‘3 Stripe’ t-shirt available in 3 fits — men’s, women’s and children’s.

Club Sponsors Wild Rock Outfitters and Pearl Izumi have partnered to produce this great kit for our cycling club. Clothing will be sold exclusively through Wild Rock Outfitters.