The Noble Pursuit is coming up – and the deadline to register is right around the corner! Don’t miss this great event – be sure to check out


Teams must enter and finish with 6 riders.

All team riders must be PCC Club riders with one exemption. One visiting rider per team is permitted, provided they carry OCA affiliation/insurance.

The Noble Pursuit is a self-supported ride. Equip and prepare your team accordingly.

Road conditions will vary. Equip and prepare your team accordingly.

Teams will depart the Silver Bean Cafe in intervals starting at 8:00am.

A meeting for team captains will be held at 7:15am at the Bean, at which time the day’s route will be revealed.

Entry cost is $210 per team, payable on arrival July 24th.

Registrations must be received before June 26th, 2016. This is not a first-come, first-serve event. Registrations will be judged on their creativity and passion.

If you ride like a jerk, and we’re not saying you will, but if you do ride like a jerk or think you will, you’re probably better off staying at home.

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