Are you ready to
take up the Pursuit?

True nobility is exempt from fear.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Long rides with great friends. Staring down limits and boldly pedalling past. Turning left when all signs point right. Redefining what’s even considered a road.

Once our bicycle transcends being an accessory, it delivers us to new experiences and new landscapes. It elevates mere mortals to legends — if only for one day, one hill or a town sign sprint — and is the fodder for oft-repeated stories over post-ride bevvies. The Noble Pursuit exists to celebrate all that is great about cycling, friendship and the human spirit.

A mixed-surface ride in the range of 170km,  The Noble Pursuit returns July 16 with a few small changes from year’s past, and a few new surprises.

Changes are as follows:

  • The Noble Pursuit will accept up to 20 teams of 4 riders each
  • Therefore, teams must enter and finish with all 4 riders.
  • Support vehicles are verboten! There will be opportunities to re-provision en route, the rest is up to you to carry on your person or your bike.
  • Entry cost is $240 per team, payable on arrival July 16th.

Team applications are due June 21. So rope in 3 friends (3 must carry PCC membership, while the 4th must have OCA affiliation) and complete your application here.

And the surprises? All in good time, and long miles, friends.


For full details, past routes, and most everything you need to know, hit us up at visit

Photo: Kris Sieber

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