Important changes to the PCC CX Race Series

Due to the overwhelming support of the Series this year, we’ve made some important changes to improve safety and the registration process. Please read, and share, to ensure everyone is up to speed.

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Published Oct 2, 2018

Due to the high numbers of racers this season, we’ve made two important changes intended to speed up sign-in, and deliver a safer experience for all.

No one likes waiting in line so as of Race 5, PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW MANDATORY. Racers must register through the links provided below/posted to the Facebook Events page for each ride.

We will now be running two separate races to lessen-course congestion. To that end, Youth, Beginner Men, Beginner Women, and Sport Women will race at 9:30am. Sport Men, Expert Women, and Expert Men will race at 10:15am. In addition, race lengths have been altered as follows:

Beginner Men – 30 minutes, no extra lap
Beginner Women – 30 minutes, no extra lap
Sport Women – 30 minutes, no extra lap
Youth – 2 laps only, not allowed to start second lap after 10 minutes elapsed race time

Sport Men – 35min + 1 lap
Expert Women – 45min + 1 lap
Expert Men – 45 min + 1 lap

Date Venue
Oct 7 Cedargrove Park Register!
Oct 14 Armour Hill Register!
Oct 21 Selwyn CA Register!
Oct 28 Kiwanis Park Register!
Nov 18 Beavermead Park Register!
Nov 24 Presidents’ Cup Register!

Photo: Kris Sieber

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