Please note these important changes for the remaining 3 races of the 2019 PCC CX Race Series.

Published November 5, 2019

We’re announcing a few changes that will be implemented before the 2019 ‘cross season is done. These changes, unless otherwise noted, are effective November 10th, 2019. They’re intended to make the last few of this years’ races run a bit more smoothly. A few racers might even find their race is a little more fun!

Before deciding on these changes we considered feedback from participants across our race categories, from volunteers and parents. We reached out to the Ontario Cycling Association and looked at how other ‘cross series are doing things, particularly with regard to youth participation. We’ve tried to come up with a program that prioritizes safety and allows for the best quality race experience we can deliver within our limited, volunteer resources. We knew we wouldn’t be able to come up with a program that makes everyone happy and so we haven’t tried to! That said, we think lots of you will be pleased with where we’re headed and we’ve incorporated a lot of your suggestions.

Please note there are changes to the race schedule and to our youth participation rules. Please review carefully!

Youth Participation

We’re renaming categories for better clarity. We will now have three categories for youth racers:

U12 2:    Age 4-11 and new to riding or new to riding cross, may need assistance from a parent on the course
U12 1:    Age 4-11 and able to get around a more challenging course without assistance
U17:       All youth aged 12-16

*The U12 races will not run at the same time as adult races.
**This year, our series we will follow the UCI age rules for CX events (this year racers age will be determined by their age on December 31, 2020)

These race categories, and the new schedule will allow for young beginners and more competitive kids to have a fun race with their friends that’s appropriately challenging for their skill and ability.

Important Notice on Youth upgrades 2019:

Though we had good intentions when we allowed for applications for exceptional youth to upgrade to adult categories this year it’s had the unintended consequence of nearly emptying of our youth category. There are a lot of exceptional kids in this club! Had we not allowed for these upgrades our youth category would be challenging and competitive for the majority of these kids. We’re going to refund anyone who’s paid for their kids to race in adult categories and return the kids to the U17 category. Points will be adjusted accordingly. If you have questions about how this affects your child, please email the PCC Ride Coordinator at

In future, youth upgrades to adult categories will be rare. Upgrades from U17 will only be to the Expert category. Upgrade invitations will be limited to U17 racers who the Club recognizes as having little to no competition in the U17 category for the foreseeable future, have similar skill and speed to the Expert category, and a well-developed sense of sportsmanship. These invitations will not typically be extended to the younger U17 racers.

Applications from parents will no longer be accepted. The invitation to upgrade will come from the PCC. U12 1 racers may be invited to upgrade to the U17 category on a similar basis.

New Race Day Schedule, effective November 10th

9:00am Race
U12 1 (shortened adult course, 20m race)
U12 2 (short, kid-dedicated course, 15m race)

9:35 Race
Sport Men, Sport Women, Expert Women (9:35 start, full course, 40m race)
U17 (9:36 start, full course, 30m race)
Beginner Men, Beginner Women (9:37 start, full course, 30m race)

10:30 Race
Expert Men (full course, 50m race)

We know that mid-season changes aren’t always popular but they are sometimes necessary. We will do our best to keep them to a minimum next year and to announce any changes well in advance whenever possible. Thank-you for your input and your understanding.

Your feedback is encouraged and will be helpful with our planning of next years’ events. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or comments.

Photo: Kris Sieber

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