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  • katyshufelt
    May 11, 2020 at 6:21 PM #9015

    Hi everyone! Last week some of us noticed our intrepid early bird Deb was out doing hills on a Tuesday morning. That got us thinking about a virtual version of this year’s training group. So I will post a workout here every week and we can try to keep each other supported and accountable. It is not an official PCC ride – pick your own route and time to do it, but let’s try to complete sometime between monday and wed every week.

    Week 1
    Ladder Intervals:
    Warmup 20min
    30s on/off x 4 sets
    1 min on/off x 2 sets
    2 min on/off x 1 set
    Then back down again starting with another 2min set
    20min cooldown

    Post somewhere when done so we can pat each other on the back! (Strava, FB, forum)

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