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  • Dave
    April 10, 2018 at 3:53 PM #4962

    Wed. interval rides are a competitive style ride with a twist, we try to keep the group together. This ride is for people with significant pack experience although lots of coaching will be included. If you want to get faster you need to do interval training, that’s the focus of the ride. Intervals involve some suffering and it’s a lot easier to do with others. If you speak watts, FTP, heart rate, KOM/QOM, lactate or just enjoy a good thrashing then you’ll enjoy this ride.

    The nature of cycling allows stronger riders to pull the group along such that everyone is getting a significant workout in a science-based structure. Intervals range from 5min. to 20min and the number of repeats and the duration of rest depends on the time of year, the focus of the workout and the daylight available. After each interval the group rides easy at a recovery pace and tries to allow any dropped riders to regain contact with the peleton however it’s up to each rider to get back or know their way home.

    Routes and workouts will be posted 1-2 days prior to the ride. Along with the physiological benefits riders will also hone their skills in group dynamics, namely knowing when to pull and when to hide, as well as riding pacelines & eschelons.

    Group communication is key as everyone is trying to maximize the benefits of the workout, think of it as a Team Time Trial (TTT) where the stronger riders do more work and there is absolutely no obligation to contribute, there is always lots of horsepower willing to pull. Thus, attacks and sprints are not generally part of the structure. It’s a fun ride and a great workout.”

    Depart 6:00pm sharp from the Silver Bean

    Ride route and workout description will be posted 1-2 days prior to the ride.

    First Ride will be April 18th, 2018.

    “The PCC would like to remind riders that there will be a strict enforcement policy on valid memberships this year — no membership, no ride”

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