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  • Sue C
    June 15, 2020 at 9:54 AM #9111

    Wow! who knew it would be the middle of June and we would be saying, welcome to the 1st Wednesday Rec Ride of the season.
    While our season will not look quite the same as years past, we are happy to be back to riding with our friends.
    In order to join a PCC ride this season you will need to:
    Purchase your 2020 membership
    Follow the OCA Progressive Return to Riding Policy
    Sign the OCA Covid-19 waiver & Send a copy of that waiver to
    Go to the app store and download “Cycle Club”, create an account and register for this ride.
    The app will be used to register for your rides, as the number of riders per group will be restricted.
    Rec Group 3,
    Will meet at the Silver Bean
    Your route will be to the Douro Store and back

    Rec Group 4,
    Will meet at the Court house on Simcoe
    here is your 39 KM route: We will do this one counter clockwise.

    Rec Groups 5
    Will meet at the end of Simcoe
    here is your 47 KM route:

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