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  • Rob Brown
    June 3, 2020 at 8:02 AM #9077


    Last week we included a short hill, and it seemed like folks enjoyed it. This week we will be hitting a portion of the Richmond World’s course, and doing some short/medium-length hills.

    Please note……keep it easy for the first 1 km or so, as we are all staged in the start area in slightly different spots. Some riders come out of the start area as much as 10 seconds ahead of the other riders. And riders who happen to come out of the start area behind, please do your best to catch the rest of the group as soon as possible. I haven’t a clue why Zwift forces us to start this far apart in the starting area.

    DISCORD…..having the opportunity to trash talk your friends in real time via the Discord app is a lot of fun. It’s simple and free to download onto your phone, and there’s a Peterborough Cycling Club channel (search “PCC’s Thursday Nighter” when in Discord) for both the A and B groups. Word on the street is that Peterborough’s best joker, Brian DeLeenheer, is going to be practicing his new comedy routine on Discord this week, before he takes his show on the road.

    A Group
    Km’s 0-5 stay under 3.0 watts/kg
    Km’s 5-20 stay under 3.5 watts/kg
    At 20 km’s be behind (or near) ride leader
    Km’s 20-50 race effort

    B Group
    Km’s 0-5 stay under 2.5 watts/kg
    Km’s 5-20 stay under 3.0 watts/kg
    At 20 km’s the group should be mostly together (no ride leader this week)
    Km’s 20-50 race effort

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