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  • Rob Brown
    April 27, 2020 at 11:49 AM #8984

    Last week we divided the group into an A and a B group, and it worked out very well. We will do that again this week, and all weeks from now on. This will be the general format that we will work with each week:

    START TIMES: The A group leaves at 6PM sharp. The B group will wait (not spinning, as that causes you to ride forward) for 30 seconds, then slowly leave. It’s important riders in both groups don’t gun it right from the start. The start is often a bit confusing, and will be simplified if riders all stick to the posted wattages, and if anything, err on the slower side for the first minute or so, just to make sure everyone is together..

    A BEACON: A beacon is constantly over the official ride leaders head, so riders can easily find and follow the ride leader. Sadly, there’s only one ride leader for each ride, and that will be me. The B group will have to follow either Dave Newport of Rebecca Christensen, even though they will not be highlighted with a beacon. We’re hoping Zwift will be coming out with the option to change this in the very near future.

    PACES: The A group will ride a bit faster than the B group, and the exact pace will change from week to week. The pace will be enjoyable to some, fast to others, and impossible for a few. That’s the beauty of a PCC Thursday nighter. The last portion of the ride will always include a race effort.

    THE COURSES: I will select a different course each week, but it will almost always be flat. This is to keep the group together a bit better. From time to time we will hit some hills though. My goal is to also have us ride on quite routes. One of the benefits of a MeetUp is that we can ride in any world, even if it’s closed to the general public, so that’s what we will usually do.

    A vs. B GROUP: The structure of each group will always be the same, so if a rider from the A group gets dropped they will know what’s going on within the B group, and they can ride with them. The A group will always ride at a slightly higher wattage than the B group.
    Riders will always self-seed themselves in the group they prefer.

    DISCORD APP:  Chatting with other riders is fun and informative.  Download Discord on your phone, and add to the conversation.  Even just listening in is a blast.  There is an A Group channel and a B Group channel.  You can even jump back and forth if you want to smack talk the whole group.

    Now for this week’s details…..

    A Group
    First 10km = under 3.0 w/kg
    KM’s 10-30 = under 3.5 w/kg
    KM’s 30-50 = race effort
    Must be behind (or very close to) the ride leader @ KM 30

    B Group
    First 10km = under 2.5 w/kg
    KM’s 10-30 = under 3.0 w/kg
    KM’s 30-50 = race effort
    Must be behind (or very close to) the ride leader @ KM 30
    This Thursday’s B group leader is Dave Newport


    1. In the Zwift Companion app, search and add Peterborough Cycling Club
    2. PCC will follow you back. Once this is done we will invite you to the Meet-Up. Accept the invitation.
    3. Open the Zwift app up to 15 minutes before the scheduled Meet-Up and start riding. You will see an option in the lower left corner of the screen to join the Meet-Up.
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