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  • rchristensen
    May 21, 2018 at 12:23 PM #5283

    This week we will meet at Crestwood Secondary School on Sherbrooke Street. We meet in the front parking lot and roll out at 5:45am sharp. If you are planning to drive to the school, make sure you leave time to get your bike set up and ready to ride prior to the start time.

    On this ride we roll out as a group to Maple Grove Road where we will stop briefly to discuss the ride and remove any extra layers. The loop begins at the corner of Maple Grove Road and Davis Road. On the loop we will ride at our own pace (often breaks into smaller groups or individuals riding at their own pace) on the loop completing as many loops as you want to or have time for. Each loop is 3.5km long This PCC ride is intended to last one hour at most. The route will be swept by myself by the 1 hour mark.

    Here is a link to the Tuesday May 22nd route:

    Workout (Optional): 2 sets of 10x{30sec on / 30sec rest}, 4 mins in between sets. You can choose to do the workout or tempo the loop at your own pace. Either way, we will all be out there covering the same route and getting a great ride in.

    Read Ride Participant Guidelines ( This will help you to be familiar with the social pace line, the various hand signals all groups use and the way we communicate within a group.

    Be sure that you have your 2018 PCC membership. See you early on Tuesday!


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