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  • rchristensen
    June 18, 2018 at 7:06 AM #5459

    We will do something a little different this week. We will do two different loops, one after the other. Both loops will start and finish from the Silverbean so you will have an option to ride one loop and do 29km or do both loops and ride 52km total.

    First we will do a 29km ride from the Silverbean at 9:15.

    Some members have mentioned wanting to try riding further. So I planned a second route that we will ride after the first 29km. The second loop is 23km.

    Please bring snacks to eat between rides if you plan to do both rides. We will also take a few minutes to refill water bottles between rides.

    Please make sure you have your 2018 PCC Membership.

    See you soon!


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