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  • JamesMellon
    July 8, 2018 at 8:33 PM #5572

    Greetings Tuesday Rec Riders,

    It is supposed to be warm on Tuesday but not nearly as warm as last week. Our two brave riders from last Tuesday mentioned that you folks never seem to make your way south. With that in mind I’ve planned an out and back route (with a few dirt road/hard packed gravel detours on the way home)to Squirrel Creek. The attached map has left out part of the route along Matchett but it appears to be in the cue sheet. I will pre-ride this tomorrow morning and edit the distance here on the forum as necessary. There are options to make this slightly shorter/considerably more paved if the group gets too warm or tired. If you have never ridden Thorn Rd. before this is an essential ride for you. We will be approaching it from the South which makes it mostly downhill as opposed to the traditional PCC way which is mostly uphill. All the gorgeousness for half the effort!

    I cannot stress enough that this is a social ride with a strict no drop policy. Expect to have some laughs and make some stops to grab a drink and take in the view (there are some real crackers on this route).

    See you all Tuesday morning!


    July 9, 2018 at 1:07 PM #5581

    Update after a pre-ride:

    Either Strava is toying with me or my bike computer is. In any case I rode this today and it’s actually a little shy of 40; 38ish. It is, however, prettier than I remember. I have already scouted a number of shady and picturesque spots to stop for a drink.
    The only extra advice I would give for this ride is to consider running a lower tire pressure than you normally do. I was running 32mm tires at about 95psi (admittedly not an ideal pressure) and found Thorn a bit jarring. If you ride 25s (like most people) 85-90psi will do you. If, like me, you like a 32 or thereabouts you can go fast at 75psi or be more comfortable than you would ever have thought possible at 65psi.

    See you all in the morning!


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