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  • JamesMellon
    August 13, 2018 at 9:04 AM #5737

    Good morning all!

    Tomorrow’s ride is a bit of a long one that comes in a hair over 48km. On the bright side, there’s not a lot a ton of climbing. I can also promise 1-3 roads that you have likely never seen before and 2 that I definitely haven’t. It should be a good time all round. You have ridden the beginning of this ride many times before but tomorrow we will be riding Wallace Point all the way to Hutchison on the other side of 28. New roads AND a roundabout? What a time to be alive! From there we head up to Cedar Valley road. The vegetation and bodies of water shown on the Strava map suggest that this will be the loveliest portion of our trip. From there we will be on 28 for 100m before heading onto 5th line. This will become Frenchman’ Creek which deposits us back on Wallace Point. After that we just go in the way we came out.

    This ride is my way of seeing how everyone feels on the Millbrook side of 28. As an end of season ride I think it would be neat to try and get to the Pastry Peddler and back. This ups the distance and climbing a little bit but not a whole lot. It does, however, substantially increase our butter tart/general tasty treat consumption. Let me know what you think!

    See you in the morning,


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