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  • Steve O
    April 25, 2022 at 10:45 PM #9560

    Hello riders,

    Hope you’re hungry as Thursday night will be the BLT. With all the recent rain the roads are slowly getting into better condition.

    Armour, West Bank, Woodland, Hillard, 5th line, Pinehill, roads thru Bridgenorth, East Communication, 7th Line, Buckhorn Rd, 8th line, Bridge, River, Armour

    As it’s still early we’ll keep our overall avg speed to 28 for the ride out of town

    Please bring your tailights with you

    While on the ride, if you need to stand up while climbing a hill please announce that you are before you stand. Please be aware not to push your bike back while starting to stand.

    Next Thursday night, May 5th will be a pub night at the Rugby House after the ride for those who would like to attend

    Keep the rubber side down and we’ll hope to see you soon



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