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  • waitejd
    July 3, 2018 at 9:16 AM #5522

    Rules are the same as last year, and follow below. You can submit your picks via this form:
    Make sure you get your picks in before July 7th and enjoy the race!

    You must include the following:

    10 riders
    1 team
    Your guess of the total number of finishers

    Only one entry per individual please!

    You may enter at any time before the final day of the Tour, but once the Tour has started you may not pick a rider who has earned any Pool points

    Participants will be awarded points based on the performance of their riders and team in each stage and in the final overall standings (see points scales below).

    The winner of the Pool is the participant who scores the most points.

    In the event of a tie, best GC rider decides, followed by number of stage wins, number of second places etc.

    In the event that two participants pick identical riders and team, the tie breaker will be the participant whose guesses closest to the total number of finishers.

    Tour Pool results will be considered “official” one week to the hour after the finish of the final stage, and distribution of prizes and kudos will begin. Any subsequent disqualifications will not affect the Pool result

    Per Stage:
    1st = 15 points
    2nd = 12
    3rd = 10
    4th = 8
    5th = 6
    6th = 5
    7th = 4
    8th = 3
    9th = 2
    10th = 1

    Overall Classification Leader (Yellow Jersey) = 7
    Daily Combativity Award = 7
    Points Leader (Green Jersey) = 5
    Mountains Leader (Polka Dot Jersey) = 5
    Best Young Rider (White Jersey) = 5
    Team Classification Leader = 5
    Abandon = -15
    Positive Drug Test for selected rider= -50
    Positive Drug Test from selected team member = -30

    Final Results:

    Winner = 50 points
    2nd = 40,
    3rd = 30
    4th = 22…. descending down to
    25th = 1

    Points Leader:
    Winner = 15
    2nd = 10
    3rd = 5

    Mountain Leader:
    Winner = 15
    2nd = 10
    3rd = 5

    Best Young Rider Leader:
    Winner = 15
    2nd = 10
    3rd = 5

    Super Combativity Award:
    Winner = 15

    Team Classification:
    Winner = 15
    2nd = 10
    3rd = 5

    Results will be posted on the Pool Standings forum and emailed to those who are participating.

    Merci et bonne chance!

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