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  • Alan
    May 1, 2019 at 3:35 PM #6298

    Last week we did a hilly-ish windy 80 KM. While I’m aware of the idea that you should only increase your ride distances by 10% a week, we’ll give ourselves a 20% jump in distance because this ride is so darn easy.

    Ale House, Armour Road, Pioneer Road, County Road 4, County Road 8, Webster Road (optional first stop at County Road 40). Up County Road 40 to County Road 6 – second stop at approx 50 KM. County Road 6 to Birchview all the way to Hwy 28. 28 to Young’s Point (optional Stop at General Store. Then YPR back to Lakefield and back down River Road to Armour Road. Ride ends at Armour Road and Parkhill.

    Bring cash. Bring your PCC membership. Bring some smiles and, heck, if you bring Richard H we’ll consider a detour into Bridgenorth.

    Depending on numbers, we may split into 2 groups – one faster then the other

    Here is the Strava map


Viewing 0 reply threads
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