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  • Alan
    May 8, 2019 at 11:23 AM #6329

    The Ride Participant Guidelines are required reading. Read them, not to memorize them, but in order for the instruction we give you to have context. Here is the link:
    Pay special attention to the section on “call -outs”.

    Before we hop on our bikes and ride there will be some verbal instruction/re-fresher information about how to ride safely in a group.

    Safety first. No one gets left behind. These are group rides; your leaders will keep the group together, give tips and advice, and stop the group as needed. We will try to limit each group to no more than 12 riders.

    Rec Group 3 (the least fast of 3, 4 and 5): Miller Road Loop. This is a 50 Km route, which can be made shorter. Our ride will be to and through Lakefield, up Young’s Point Road (YPR), left on Preston and right on Miller Road back to YPR, and then we’ll reverse our route all the way back to the Silver Bean. Here is your Strava map:

    Rec Group 4 and 5: You’ll be combined for a few weeks. You are going to experience some hills … not steep ones just a steady climb over about 1.5 KM. The bonus is, you get to stop at the top, turn around and come down the way you came once you’re back down from climbing Northeys Road, head east until you hit YPR, then south to Miller Road, right onto Miller, left on to Preston, Continue on YPR back to Lakefield. Those that want to skip the Selwyn Road, YPR, Miller route, can simply come down Preston after descending Northeys.

    Here is your Strava map:

    All the best,

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