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  • Alan
    August 20, 2018 at 12:20 PM #5765

    The 100 KM Rec Ride

    When: Meet at the Silver Bean on Saturday, August 25th, 2018 early enough to leave at 9 AM. There is no 2 PM ride.

    The Drill: Maggie and I get some experienced riders to come out and join us on the front of the group(s) and keep the speed at a consistent pace. Sue Carlson will drive the route and carry your extra clothing, extra water and any food or drinks that you want during the ride, but don’t want to carry with you. This is a group ride, no one goes off the front and no one gets left behind. Sue will have coolers and ice in her car. If you need to bail out of the ride, Sue will carry you and your bike back to Peterborough.

    The Stops: There will be about 5 stops, some very brief, with enough time to have a drink or to peel off a layer of clothing and some long enough to eat and get a re-fill of water. If an impromptu stop is required, any rider can call for a stop at any time.

    The Duration: Expect the ride to take 5-1/2 hours, but the saddle time will be about 4-1/2 hours. The average speed will be 25 kph or a bit less. Expect to be back in Peterborough just before 3 PM.

    What do I bring? Bring some cash for in-ride drink and food purchases and, if you’re so inclined and if there is enough time before the BBQ, a post-ride beverage from a pub. Dress for the weather. Bring sunscreen. Bring whatever food you’ll want to consume and Sue will carry whatever you don’t want to carry in her car.

    Where will I be able to buy things? Two locations: Young’s Point at about the 75 KM point and in Lakefield at about the 83 KM point.

    The Route: For those of you with Strava, here is the route:

    The route goes like this: Silver Bean to Armour Road; Armour Road to Pioneer Road; Pioneer Road to County Road 4; east on County Road 4 to County Road 8; east on County Road 8 out all the way through Douro (1st stop here or at intersection of 8 and 38) and through Cottesloe. County Road 8 becomes Webster Road, Webster Road all the way to County Road 40 (2nd stop. Approx 25 KM); left/north on County Road 40 to Clarina (3rd stop. Approx 50 KM). Clarina is the intersection of County Road 40 and County Road 6 (short stop at the top of The Hill (you’ll know it when you see it) on County Road 6 after passing the Wild Fire Golf Course). West on County Road 6, right onto Birchview and along Birchview to Hwy 28. North on Hwy 28, using the new super-wide shoulder, and into the Young’s Point General Store (4th stop). Down Young’s Point Road to Lakefield, stop at the Lakefield IGA (5th stop). River Road to Armour Road, Armour Road to Hazlitt, right on Hazlitt, over the London Street footbridge and down George Street, right on King to Dr. J’s for a pint on the patio. Then it’s on to either Alan and Jenn’s house for a BBQ.

    The BBQ: If you are interested in the BBQ, please RSVP to Sue at before the end of Tuesday and please put “100 KM Rec Ride BBQ” in the subject line. Please inform Sue of any food allergies or sensitivities. The BBQ is a BYOB event.


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