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  • r.pierce
    September 21, 2018 at 11:27 PM #5899

    Hope everyone had fun with that different format race.

    Results are posted at:

    The Beginner race results are a little spotty; the heavy rain and new equipment hiccoughs caused a few communication problems. If the finish order is incorrect on Webscorer please let me know.

    For the Sport Race:

    1. Kathy Eggenberger
    2. Scott Murison
    3. Dave Newport
    4. Scott Patterson
    5. Dave Fell
    6. Joel Anderson
    7. Jeff Waite
    8. Ben Pye
    9. Stu Cureton
    10. Rebecca Christensen
    11. Jamie Tompkins
    12. James Mellon
    13. Sarah Anderson
    14. Katy Shufelt (pulled out due to a false alarm at the hospital)

    Expert Race

    1. Alex Lefebvre
    2. Kai Christensen
    3. Brian De Leenheer
    4. Rob Brown
    5. Jeff Faulds
    6. John Hunter
    7. Steve Marrett
    8. Phil Hallahan
    9. Richard Higham
    10. Jonathan Moreno
    11. Katy Shufelt (gave her a second run, because why not?)

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