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  • bltaylor
    July 4, 2019 at 12:43 PM #6548

    The forecast for Monday is currently calling for sunny with a high of 28 and no humidity. If that holds it should be a perfect evening for biking. The plan is to ride the trail to Trent and then find our way through the University to Woodland Drive (uphill). We will ride west to Hilliard Street, north to the 5th Line, south on the Centre line of Smith, and pick up the Cumberland bike trail to Fairbairn. There is a steep downhill section of gravel trail which we may walk to get us into Jackson Park and then we are on trail again to Bethune , King Street, and the Silver Bean. Here’s the Strava link:
    Bring your membership, water, and a snack. See you at the Bean.

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