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  • Scott Murison
    December 12, 2016 at 1:51 PM #3466

    Wild Rock has some extra space on a few trips we want to offer to our local cyclists. This offer is valid only for PCC members. Please don’t forward the codes to non-members. Kieran and I enjoy riding with so many of you in the summer and we would love to see you enjoy a few early season miles.

    Barbados is in February and offers challenging terrain, sun, heat and great a place to stay and eat. All meals are included as are post ride beers! This trip has 10-15% climbs so suits those who enjoy some effort.

    Girona is home base for many pros for a reason. Lots of roads with long gentle climbs. You need to be interested in routes that are 60+ km long.

    Mallorca is our number one destination for a reason. If you want to ride flat and easy for 40-60km we will have a group for you. Want to ride a moderate route that is 60-80km? We will have that group as well. Want to get some long hard days of spring training… yup we have that group too.

    Sign up with a $500 deposit on any one of 3 trips (Barbados, Girona or Mallorca Spring) before January 20th and save big. PCC members who have already signed up will be given the same discount!

    ie a PCC couple booking for Barbados will save $1000!

    Very limited space. 10 for Barbados, 8 for Girona and 8 for Mallorca.

    Discounts are:

    $500/person on Barbados
    $150/person on Girona and Mallorca.

    All trip participants also enjoy great deals at Wild Rock before and after the trips!

    Barbados has 3 promo codes as there are 3 levels of rooms.

    Girona Promo Code is:

    Mallorca you guessed it is

    Click through to our booking engine at

    For a list of all our trips visit

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