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  • Kai
    April 8, 2019 at 12:04 AM #6238

    Happy 2019 everyone! It’s time to dust off the bike, or remove it from the trainer. Either way, Thursday nights are here again.

    There are a few important points to mention:

    PCC memberships are MANDATORY. No exceptions, no excuses. We will be checking names against an up to date list at the start of the ride, so please avoid things getting awkward by getting your membership ahead of time. Heck, you are on the site right now, so sign up!

    – Lights – lights are a great way to stay visible regardless of time of day, but it’s especially important to bring lights early in the season for the ride home, so don’t forget them!

    – We are making some changes to make the rides safer, most notably – group sizes. Groups will be limited to 10 riders each. This is in an effort to combat groups riding too wide on the road. Smaller groups of more similarly capable riders will ride more cohesively, and reduce bunching up on hills and sprints. There is also less room to hide, so everyone gets a better workout! I know this might not be well received initially, but take some time to let that soak in, and I’d love to chat more about it on Thursday.

    This week’s route is the County Rd 4 Loop –


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