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Kieran and I enjoy riding with so many of you in the summer and we would love to see you enjoy a few early season miles. Join us in one of three magnificent locations — Barbados, Girona or Mallorca at special PCC members price.

– Scott

Wild Rock has some extra space on a few trips that we want to offer to our local cyclists. These offers are valid for current PCC members only.

The Destinations…


Our Barbados trip is in February and offers challenging terrain, sun, heat and great a place to stay and eat. All meals are included as are post-ride beers! This trip has 10-15% climbs and therefore suits riders who enjoy some effort.


Girona is home base for many of the peloton’s pros for a reason — ample roads with long gentle climbs. Riders on this trip need to be interested in routes that are 60+ km long.


Mallorca is our number one destination for a reason. If you want to ride flat and easy for 40-60km we’ll have a group for you. Want to ride a moderate route that is 60-80km? We’ll have that group as well. Finally, for those looking for some long, hard days of spring training… yup, we’ll have a group for that, too.

The Discounts…

Save $500/person on Barbados
Save $150/person on Girona and Mallorca.

Sign up with a $500 deposit on any one of 3 trips (Barbados, Girona or Mallorca Spring) before January 20th and save big.  PCC members who have already signed up will be given the same discount! For example, a PCC couple booking for Barbados will save $1000!

Barbados has 3 promo codes as there are 3 levels of rooms.

Girona Promo Code is:

Mallorca is (you guessed it):

All trip participants also enjoy great deals at Wild Rock before and after the trips!