Cyclocross Begins
Our PCC Cyclocross Season begins this weekend at Elmhirst’s Resort – all events are on the Ride Calendar for the season to come! We have put together a complete Tech Guide for the 2016 season have a look here. Click to Open

We have preregistration available for all the cross races now. Its not necessary, but will save you time at the day of the event.

PCC Cross #1 Elmhurst Resort

PCC Cross #2 Cedar Grove Park

PCC Cross #3 Nichols Oval

PCC Cross #4 Armour Hill

PCC Cross #5 Bowers Park

PCC Cross #6 Langley Scout Park

PCC Cross #7 Douro Park

PCC Cross #8 Nichols Oval

PCC Cross #9 Squirrel Creek

PCC Cross #10 Elmhirsts Resort

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