Time to go ‘cross racing!

September 20, 2022

Fall is in the air. That means it’s time for the PCC Cyclocross season! Our weekly series runs from September 25 to November 20. We have races at Elmhirst’s Resort, Douro Park, Selwyn Beach and more!

For those unfamiliar with the sport, cyclocross is all about speed, anaerobic efforts and bike handling. Races are usually at parks on mixed surfaces: grass, gravel, pavement and sand. There is a course set up and the athletes complete several laps in a set period of time (30 and 40 min for our series). There are often obstacles or features that require riders to dismount and carry their bikes. Most racers use cyclocross bikes, but a gravel or mountain bikes will work just fine.

We had some great mixed racing last year. In an attempt to have more riders racing with athletes their own speed, we have made some changes. This means you may not always race with your age or gender, but with people your speed. It makes for better racing and more fun! For athletes racing 40 min, the September 25 race is a qualifier to sort groups into start times. We strongly recommend you participate this Sunday. We will continue to have three start times: 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 am. We will continue to have a Youth/Beginner Race at 9:00, 30 min in length. Intermediate to expert adults wanting to race 40 min will be sorted by speed between the 9 and 10 am starts. Times from the first race on September 25 will be used to sort riders. The fastest 60% will make up the 10am start. The rest will start at 9:00am for future races. The 11am start will continue to be the kids (3-10yr old) start.

See the Tech guide for complete details.


Race #1 — September 25 at Elmhirst’s Resort

Race #2 — (Saturday Race) October 1 at Selwyn Beach

Race #3 — (Monday Race) October 10 at Selwyn Beach

Race #4 — October 16 location TBD Cyclocross Games & Fun — October 23 at Elmhirst’s Resort

Race #5 — October 30 location TBD

Race #6 — November 6 at Douro Park

Race #7 — November 13 at Elmhirst’s Resort

Race #8 / Presidents Cup — November 20 at Elmhirst’s Resort


First, get your PCC membership. Your PCC membership is your entry into the PCC CX Race Series.

Then, use the Cycle Club app to sign up for each race you compete in.

Make your personal profile (if you are a first-time user).
Then look for the club “PCC CX”
Sign up for each of the race you plan to attend by clicking the + symbol in the corner.

Cross curious?

Interested but not 100% sure? Come out to the clinic this Saturday to check it out. PCC kids and youth members PCC riders 3-17 years old can attend the Sprockids CX clinic on September 24 at Elmhirst’s Resort starting at 1:00pm. Adults Riders 18+ can join the Wild Rock-hosted clinic at 3:00pm > Register here!