Time to go ‘cross racing!

UPDATED September 22, 2021

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, ‘cross season, and we’re ready to roll on the 2021 edition of the PCC Cyclocross Race Series presented by Shimano + Pro.

For 2021, the series will be made up of 9 races, starting September 26, and finishing with the Presidents’ Cup on November 21. 7 of the 9 races will be held at Elmhirst’s Resort with the remaining 2 at Selwyn Conservation Area. Note, in a departure from past seasons, Race 2 will take place on Saturday, October 2 and Race 3 on Monday, October 11.

Special PCC membership pricing is in place for this cyclocross season. The cost is $25 ($5 for kids/youth) for the PCC membership, plus $45 for OCA affiliation license ($40 for kids). Race entry is free with your PCC membership. Please pre-purchase your membership, as it CAN NOT be purchased on site. Your racer package can be picked up at the first attended event.

Online registration for races will be facilitated through the “Cycle Club App” website or app. This can be downloaded to a mobile device via the App store or Google play. It can also be used on a PC or Mac for non-mobile users. Registration through the app is MANDATORY as the “Health Check” is done through this service.

Download the Tech Guide for full series details, registration instructions, rules, sequels, and scoring information.


First, get your PCC club membership. Your PCC membership is your entry into the PCC CX Race Series.

PCC Membership

Then, use the Cycle Club app to sign up for each race you compete in.

Cycle Club app

  1. Make your personal profile (if you are a first-time user).
  2. Then look for the club “PCC CX”
  3. Sign up for each of the race you plan to attend by clicking the + symbol in the corner.

COVID Protocols

All participants must have a 2021 PCC club membership and OCA affiliation to participate.

COVID-19 self-assessment must be performed prior to each event. This will be done with in the Cycle Club App website or smart device app. See the Tech Guide for full instructions.

These are not public events – they are open to active members of the Peterborough Cycling Club only.

Please remember to practice Social Distancing and masks are recommended when this is not possible. NOTE* Social Distancing is not required while racing or warming up.

Photo: Kris Sieber

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