2019 Peterborough Cycling Club Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting and Call for Nominations
for the Board of Directors.

Adult members unable to attend the 2019 Annual General Meeting are entitled to designate a proxy, using the form available.

Notice is hereby given that the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Peterborough Cycling Club will be held at

Peterborough Rugby Club
725 Armour Road

on Monday, November 18 at 7:00pm

Nominations for Board of Directors

This is the call for Nominations to the Board of Directors.
The Peterborough Cycling Club Board of Directors consists of:

President (Executive) – Sue Carlson
Vice President (Executive) – Robert Brown
Secretary (Executive) – Maggie Newport
Treasurer (Executive) – Jeff Minicola
Ride Director (Officer) – Kim Erskine
Communications Director (Officer) – Kris Sieber
Events Director (Officer) – Linda McLean
Youth Director (Officer) – unfilled

Adult members in good standing can nominate themselves or other adult members in good standing to any position on the Board of Directors. Nominations must be in writing, and be duly seconded by another member in good standing, and with the consent of the nominee in order to be accepted for consideration during the elections.

Nominations for any Board position can be forwarded to the Nomination Committee by email peterboroughccelections@gmail.com

Uncontested incumbents wishing to continue in their current positions will be acclaimed. Nominees who are seeking election to any Board position will have the opportunity to speak to their qualifications and interest in each position that they are running for at the Annual General Meeting.

Note that if a nominee is unable to be in attendance at the Annual General Meeting, they then must ensure that they have a proxy for the specific Officer or Executive position that they are running for. This proxy indication in writing must be received by the Nomination Committee 48 hours prior to the Annual General Meeting and indicate the member authorized to represent and speak on behalf of the nominee. Failure to attend the Annual General Meeting or appoint a proxy who attends on the behalf of the nominee will cause the removal of the nominee from consideration for election to the Board.

All adult members of the Club are entitled to a single vote on each question arising at the AGM. Adult members unable to attend are entitled to designate a proxy, using the form available on the PCC’s Website (download PDF or Word). Designated proxies must bring the completed forms to the AGM and have them certified by a club officer prior to the start of the meeting. Members are encouraged to designate a proxy if they cannot attend the AGM…. Your vote counts!

Proxy votes can be submitted to the Nomination Committee by email peterboroughccelections@gmail.com

There are also several Coordinator positions on the board. These position are non-voting members of the board that don’t regularly attend board meetings. These are still very important roles and are great if you are looking to help out but want less of a commitment. If you are interested in taking on a coordinator position, or helping out more email: peterboroughccelections@gmail.com

Social Media Coordinator
SprocKids Coordinator
Ride Education Coordinator
Ride Calendar Coordinator
Cyclocross Coordinator

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