2015 Membership



Remember you are required to have a current PCC membership to participate in a group ride.

Membership prices have remained the same as last year:

General Membership rate is $36.00.

Student and Youth memberships are $16.00

You are also required to have an OCA membership for insurance coverage.

Basic OCA membership rate is $39.00.

If you have purchased a 2015 UCI race licence for any cycling discipline through the OCA then you do not need the $39.00 OCA general membership.

As with last year, OCA and PCC membership registration MUST be done online. Members who registered online last year will be able to re-use their membership profile from last year.

Because online registration is done through a 3rd party (CCNbikes.com), HST will be charged on all memberships.

Riders can purchase their 2015 Cycling Club here –


Membership cards will be available @ WILD ROCK, and members are requested to carry their membership cards during all Club Rides as it provides proof of membership.

Any issues or questions you have can be directed to Membership Co-coordinator Jeff at fauldsjeff@gmail.com

IMPORTANT – Please note – Membership fees are non-refundable

A note regarding membership!

For those individuals who apply for BOTH a UCI license and a PCC club membership, after you have completed your UCI license registration, use the link on the PCC website to register for your club membership.

This will ensure you only pay for your OCA insurance ($39.00) once.

Individuals who have a UCI license or are a member of another OCA club will only pay the $36.00 PCC membership fee when registering.