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  • magsnewport
    April 15, 2018 at 3:20 PM #5008

    Welcome to the first Wednesday Rec Ride of 2018. It’ll be good to see all the returning riders and all the new members. We meet at the end of Simcoe Street at the junction with the trail that connects with Millenium Park

    Rest assured, things will start slowly, with direction and we will give everyone time to build her/his confidence and fitness.

    The collection of riders will split into different levels. Wed Rec Rides do not have Rec Level 1 or 2. On Wed, the the slowest level is Rec Level 3, and these riders will go with Alan. The middle level will go with Maggie (Rec Level 4) and the fast folks will go with Sue (Rec Level 5). Read the Pace Guidelines for a longer explanation of the different levels (

    Be sure that you have your 2018 PCC membership and all the required gear listed in the Ride Participant Guidelines (

    For the first few weeks we will be riding to Lakefield and back, giving time for people to become familiar with the social pace line, the various hand signals all groups use and the way we communicate within a group. All Rec rides are no drop rides – each level will move at the pace of slowest rider. Rec rides are meant to be a gentle introduction to group riding. That said, over the season the distance and speed will increase as everyone’s fitness improves.

    Planned routes
    Rec Group 3 (Alan):
    Rec Group 4 (Maggie):
    Rec Group 5 (Sue):

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