• katyshufelt
    May 30, 2019 at 10:06 PM #6427

    Looking ahead, there is drier weather in the forecast for Tuesday. Our current sunrise situation gives a bit too much glare heading along Parkhill, so we will defer our return to the hospital interval circuit until a couple of weeks from now when the sunrise time will shift.

    This week, we will head back to Beardsmore! Same workout as week 2:


    We will warm-up as a group down Monaghan and then start a 20min interval workout along Johnston/Beardsmore. After our workout is complete we will ride back to PRHC together along Monaghan.

    Ladder Intervals:

    30s on/off x 4 sets
    1 min on/off x 2 sets
    2 min on/off x 1 set
    1 min on/off x 2 sets
    30s on/off x 4 sets

    Should be a great workout.

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