• katyshufelt
    June 15, 2019 at 11:13 PM #6486

    Last week, we took advantage of the cloudy weather and completed an interval workout on the hospital loop. This week, we are due for our hill repeat workout – let’s wake up those legs!



    We will warm-up together on the large square loop around the hospital (Medical Drive/Sherbrooke/Wallis/Weller).

    1st set hills
    Start at corner Alexander Drive/Medical Drive up to hospital, loop around and come back down same way. 3-5 sets, whatever you get done in approx 10min.

    We will then regroup at top of hill and easy ride together Weller/Wallis and jog over to Whitefield.

    2nd set hills
    Whitefield up Afton, loop around Afton at top of hill and back down to base on Whitefield.
    3-5 sets, whatever you get done in approx 10min.

    Cool down together back to hospital.

    Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

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